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The Health component includes Health, Disabilities, Mental Health, Nutrition, Maintenance, Safety and Security.


Children can be absent no more than 12 days in any three month period. Remember to call your family worker or the Health Assistant if your child will be absent from school. Bring in a doctor's note if your child has been absent for more than three (3) days due to illness. The Health Assistant  will call if your child has not arrived at the center by 9am.




The Teachers and Assistant Teachers are trained in First Aid and CPR.

There are at least two staff members at each site trained in  New York State approved Medication Administration in the Day Care Setting.

A Nurse consultant reviews each child’s medical information.


Children who are suspected of having a “special need / disability” are referred by the Health and Disabilities Coordinator to the Committee on Pre-School Special Education/CPSE who diagnose the need and determine what services should be provided, such as an” Integrated Classroom”.


Children's Absences:

At least ten percent of the children enrolled have diagnosed “special needs”.  Many of these “special needs” are addressed by Special Education Itinerant Teacher / S.E.I.T., who work with children assigned to them during school hours.

Mental Health:

A Certified Social Worker helps children, parents and staff with Mental Health needs.


A Nutritionist consultant plans menus in accordance with the regulations of the Child and Adult Care Food Program/ CACFP.

Maintenance, Safety and Security:

Each Site employs at least two custodians who are responsible for the maintenance and safety of the facilities, inside and out.

At least one staff member on each site has a “Certificate of Fitness” from the Fire Department which enables him/her to conduct monthly fire drills.

There are Security Cameras at each site which record everyone entering the premises.

Our teachers are fully trained in First Aid & CPR

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